To meet the needs of mobility access aids for people with disabilities in East Lombok, Endri’s Foundation branch East Lombok conducted an adaptive wheelchair service for 16 children in Sakra sub-district which were brought directly from Australia, Wheelchair for Kids (WFK).


The event that had been planned since a month ago was running smoothly according to what was planned and attended by the Regent of East Lombok H.M.  Sukiman Azmy, East Lombok Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ida Bagus Winarta SIK, Dandim 1615 Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Agus Prihanto Donny S. Sos, Vice Leader of People Representative east Lombok H. Daeng Paelori SE.  The event was also attended by several related Goveenment Organizations leader such as the Head of Social Office H. Ahmad SKM, Head of DP3AKB drg.  H.Asrul Sani MKes, Head of Social Welfare Dr.  H. Fathurrahman MAP, Head of Youth and Sport service And Leaders of BAZNAS East Lombok.

In his remarks, the Regent of East Lombok, H.M.  Sukiman Azmy greatly appreciated the activities of EF Lotim and his team and hoped that such activities should have the support of relevant agencies, especially Dinsos as the SKPD, which had the most role in handling Disability issues.


“Activities like this should be supported and facilitated for the sake of equal distribution of services for the disabled, especially in tools like this.  SKPD must not only be spectators, they must be involved.  Even cadus and villages must work together with them.  If you need to provide facilities for what they need, “he said, applauded the invited guests.  “For special education for the disabled, please find a location (land) in the south as a place for school construction, even in the north if necessary, please find a location so we submit it to Endri’s Foundation to be managed,” he continued.


In that opportunity, H.M.  Sukiman Azmy immediately coordinated and instructed the DPRD to budget for social activities like this in the upcoming budget changes and was immediately carried out by DPRD deputy chairman H. Daeng Palori SE.  Even in his remarks, the chairperson of the DPRD will give EF Lotim a car as an operational vehicle in serving the community through Endri’s Foundation Foundation.


This time, Endri’s Foundation East Lombok Foundation through LDC handed over 16 wheelchairs that were received by the residents of Labuan Hajj 1 unit, 2 units of the Keruak sub-district, 1 sub-district of Terara 1 unnit and the rest from the District of Sakra. (WS/IS).