East Lombok, 11/01/2020 – Lombok Disbality Center (LDC) Endri’s Foundation distributes wheelchairs for Kids in southern eastern Lombok in Jeruaru sub-district. In addition to wheelchair distribution, LDC in collaboration with the Gawah Lauk Foundation (GLF) also conducts free health checks for the society assisted by Jerowaru Community Health Center team.

penyerahan kursi roda di Desa Jeruarau

Also present at the event was one of Regional Representative Council of Indonesia members, Ir. Ahmad Sukisman Azmi, Secretary of the South Lombok Regency Expansion Committee (KLS), Jerowaru Village Head Lalu Jupri Ihsa, Drs. H. Saiful Haq Asri and one of the members of the East Lombok Regional People’s Representative Lalu Hunan kariadi.


In his speech, advisor of GLF Hasan Gauk really hoped that the government’s attention to the poor and disabled in East Lombok, especially in the southern part, would be increased even more because there were still many poor people who could not access their health in government hospitals because they could not afford it in terms of cost. On the other hand, community rights to BPJS are still lacking.


Meanwhile, the chairman of the Lombok Disability Center – Endri’s Foundation Lalu Wisnu Pradipta said “The South East Lombok Difabel needs special guidance and treatment because it is rarely touched by coaching, so far the government is still struggling with disabilities who live close to the central government. While the eastern part of South Lombok is rarely touched, it can even be said that it was never touched.


“In service to disabled people who need tools we have started to be able to serve those with disabilities, but for guidance it is the domain of the relevant agencies. That is why we from LDC really hope that the government is present in the midst of the people with disabilities, especially in southern Lotim, “he continued.


In this event, 10 units of wheelchairs are distributed and there are some patients who need baby stroller and will be endeavored so that the need for tools for them can be immediately handed over. This is necessary because they must have the support of all of us.


On the sidelines of the event, LDC coordinated with Endri’s Foundation, East Lombok Branch to hold orphans, disabled and wheelchair handouts at the end of this month, January 30, 2020. With the intensification of LDC – EF serving the community in East Lombok, hopefully the needs of Difabel will be the tools can be a little fulfilled because after all as an independent Foundation it only relies on donors without asking for funding from the government. (WS)