In 2018 Endri foundation exceeded the target of 1,000 sticks program, 3,000 sticks had been distributed to the people. This year, Endri Foundation launched a bigger program called 500 wheelchairs for the people of West Nusa Tenggara.


Endri Foundation, which has just entered the age of five in the social movements, has never stopped to make breakthrough in social activities to help poor people in Lombok Island. With several branches and subsidiaries spread in each district in NTB, the movement of the Endri Foundation or commonly referred to EF, has been very well known among the poor. Moreover, EF also has a Specialized Division that is difabel division. This Division deals with the problems of Difabel Persons (people with disabilities). Likewise with the Division of Health which is very felt the movement when Lombok was shaken by the earthquake.


Each branch and Division has different activities that are directly led by their respective leaders. Health division which until now continues to carry out free treatment in every corner of the earthquake disaster area is very useful for the community. Especially during the rainy season, people are very vulnerable to various diseases. This division was led directly by a doctor who was still active in North Lombok Hospital namely Dr. Raden Wira Darma Wangsa. In his busy duty at public hospital of North Lombok, this middle-aged man always take the time to directly deal with EF patients on the field accompanied by his team all of whom are nurses.


Meanwhile for persons with disabilities, Endri Foundation already has a Lombok disability Center as the headquarters of Difabel Division which is led directly by Lalu Wisnu Pradipta.


To succeed the 500 wheelchair program, Endri Foundation cooperated with Wheelchairs for Kids from Australia and several donors as wheelchair providers. Even at the beginning in December, WFK Australia had come directly to NTB to provide Training to 9 wheelchair Providers as service providers in the field. These nine people were taken from various districts in Lombok Island so that the service can be more evenly distributed.


The 500 wheelchair program which will be started on next few days has already been channeled to get clients who need wheelchair assistance. In one week there have been 20 wheelchairs distributed for those in need. (WS )